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5 Reasons To Redesign Your Website

February 8, 2020

This is an article that I discovered that was saying the same things that I had been arguing about a website redesign.

If your company has not updated your website in the past 2-3 years or so… Maybe you need to read this short article for some insight.

We see it all the time: great businesses that are held back by an outdated website. Your website is a window into your business, allowing customers to see who and what you do. It can also make or break their view of your brand. Typically, websites should be updated every 5 years but, regardless of the age of your site, some things are tell-tale signs it’s time for a refresh. Here are our top 5 signs you need a website redesign.

An eye breaking through a mobile phone's screen.1. Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

Statistically, half of the visitors to your site will be using a mobile device. So, if your site isn’t mobile responsive, you’re at a disadvantage, and most likely losing customers. To make matters worse, Google penalizes sites that do not have mobile responsiveness, meaning you’ll pop up in fewer searches for your goods and services.

Footsteps disappearing at a magnifying glass.2. You’re Not Getting Leads

If your website isn’t bringing in business like it used to, that’s a signal you may need to redesign. Are your customers mentioning they found you through your site? Are people subscribing to your lists? Above all else, a website should generate leads and make customers want to purchase or contact you. If not, it could be time for a website redesign.

A road forking to the right.3. Your Business Goals or Strategies Have Changed

A website should showcase your products and services while communicating your brand. If your business model, goals, or offerings have changed, it’s time for a website redesign to properly represent who you are now, and help you get to where you want to go.

A gold clock with a grack through the front.

4 .Your Current Design is Outdated

Not everything old is new again, especially when it comes to website design. Let’s face it, outdated colors, too many fonts, a slow load time, and more words than images mean your site is stuck in the past and will result in fewer leads and conversions. Keeping up with visual and technological trends is critical for your website to succeed.

A blue plug cut in half with exposed, sparking wires.5. You’re Using Outdated Plugins

Technology is ever changing and ensuring your tech is up to date is critical for your website’s performance. Modern browsers no longer support Flash, so if your site still uses it for animated elements, you’ve got a problem. But Flash isn’t the only worry. Outdated plugins can leave your site open to security concerns and dangerous hacks.

Do any of these signs describe your site? If so, we’d love to show you how a website redesign can increase leads and help you accomplish your business goals. Check out a few of our recent designs and then give us a call.

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